Market Update - August 14, 2014

This morning we are seeing the markets hold on to some early morning gains after the Dow closed strong yesterday, ending back in positive territory for the year. Today we also saw U.S. jobless claims increase by 21,000. This number was more than economists had forecasted.

Over the last month, we saw the markets rise & fall with no real traction. Although the Dow is now positive for the year, we are still below its July high. This is fairly normal as we have seen some global turmoil with an increase in geo-political risks, as well as uncertainty here at home with the pending changes to the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy.

Locally, we have seen some dry lightning strikes in recent days. This is a good reminder that it is important to have a fire /disaster checklist in place. Make sure that it is easily accessible (such as stored on your phone), and it includes important documents and a list of personal valuables that would be difficult to replace in the event of a catastrophe. If you only had three minutes to get your most treasured personal belongings out of your house, it would be highly beneficial to have this list current and at your fingertips in a moment’s notice.